Funkcje TrackGecko

TrackGecko zawiera setki funcji umożliwiających konfigurację Twojego Programu Partnerskiego zgodnie z indywidualnymi potrzebami.

Performance rewards

Performance rewards is a powerful feature that allows you to reward your affiliates for their performance.



Performance rewards allow you to automatically check various conditions, such as when the affiliate reaches a defined number of sales, and execute an action when the condition is achieved.

The action can be:

add bonus commission to this affiliate

assigning user to a different commission group with different commission amounts (higher or lower)

This way, the affiliate system automatically tracks and rewards good performance by your affiliates. For example, your commissions can be defined as follows:

– for less than 5 sales the commission is 20%

– for 5 or more sales the commission is 30%

You can change the commission value for a special user with the Commission Groups feature, but you have to do it manually. With the Performance Rewards feature, the system can do it automatically for you; you’ll simply setup the rules while TrackGecko monitors the performance of your affiliates automatically.

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