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TrackGecko zawiera setki funcji umożliwiających konfigurację Twojego Programu Partnerskiego zgodnie z indywidualnymi potrzebami.

ZIP banners

Zip banner is a special type of content that can be offered by merchants to affiliates registered in TrackGecko.

In case you want to easily deliver hundreds of customized files to each of your affiliates, zip banner is exactly the feature you need.

Using zip files, you can store files of any type, including images, binary documents, text documents and more. Text files (html, txt) can be customized with affiliate values. Inside of the text files zipped in your zip banner, you can use all affiliate variables. Here are several examples of variables:

{$firstname} – First Name

{$lastname} – Last Name

{$username} – Username

{$password} – Password

{$ip} – IP

{$parentuserid} – Parent affiliate

{$refid} – Referral ID

{$data1} – Web Url

{$data2} – Company name

{$data3} – Street

{$data4} – City

{$data5} – State

{$data6} – Country

{$data7} – Zipcode

{$data8} – Phone

{$data9} – Fax

{$bannerid} – Banner Id

{$channelid} – Channel Id

{$targeturl} – Target URL

{$targeturl_encoded} – Encoded target URL

{$impression_track} – Impression track



– you would like to distribute to your affiliates product list from your shop

– your affiliates should only need to copy content of HTML files that you will give them, and paste it into their website

– the html file distributed in the zip file should be customized for each affiliate (e.g. with the correct affiliate link or affiliate’s name)

– you’ll need to distribute images of your products along with a list of products in HTML.

In case you want to make it as easy as possible for your affiliates, you will use the Zip Banner feature, then zip all images and html files into one zip file. The files will then be uploaded to TrackGecko.

Your affiliates will login to TrackGecko to download a prepared zip banner and unzip it on their server. They will receive a complete catalog of your products, with images and other important files, and they will not need to customize html files with their affiliate links. Each product link will contain the correct link of each affiliate that downloaded the Zip banner.

See our technical documentation in knowledge base for more details. Knowledge base explains how to activate this feature and how to use your installation of TrackGecko.

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