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TrackGecko contains hundreds of features, and we are constantly adding new features and updates. You can track all changes in TrackGecko directly in our Change log.

Tracking methods
Types of commission
Promotion materials
User interface

Tracking methods

TrackGecko is powerful affiliate tracking software with multiple unique tracking features. Tracking is most important feature of every affiliate software and TrackGecko defines new standards of visitors tracking with state of the art tracking methods like flash cookie tracking or direct link tracking.

Affiliate link styles

TrackGecko supports all types of affiliate links. Just choose what format of link will best fit your needs.

Subid / channels tracking

TrackGecko allows your affiliates to use advanced traffic tracking methods. This is sometimes called SubId tracking, or Ad channel tracking, and is used to know exactly which of your promotional efforts are paying- off and which are not.

Direct links tracking

Direct link click tracking is an advanced feature of TrackGecko that you will not find in other affiliate software.

Private campaigns

By default, all campaigns in TrackGecko are public, which means that all affiliates can view and promote them. Private campaigns feature allows you to create private campaigns, which will be visible only to selected affiliates.

Multiple currencies

Track sales in multiple currencies and recompute them into one default currency.

Tracking methods

TrackGecko is powerful affiliate tracking software with multiple unique tracking features.

Forced matrix

Multilevel marketing is a marketing strategy that compensates affiliates not only for product sales they personally generate, but also for the sales of sub-affiliates they introduced to the affiliate program. With Forced Matrix you can define shape of affiliate tree, what could have positive influence on performance of your MLM schema.

Fraud protection

Protect your affiliate program against fraudulent transactions.

Types of Commission

With even the lowest-cost edition of TrackGecko, you can define an unlimited number of campaigns, and track various campaigns that are running for your shop or website. One installation of TrackGecko allows you to track campaigns running on an unlimited number of websites and different domains.

Action commissions

Define the events in which to give commissions to your affiliates. You can give your affiliates commissions for virtually anything, including what happens on your web site. TrackGecko breaks all limits with this feature allowing you to track an unlimited number of actions on your website or in your store.

Recurring commissions

Recurring commissions allow you to reward your affiliates for recurring payments, for example for hosting or membership.

Lifetime commissions

A unique feature of TrackGecko is the ability for you to assign customer commissions to your affiliate, even if the customer buys a new computer (tracked without cookies).

Split commission

SplitCommission™ is a brand new, unique feature of TrackGecko, which allows you to reward all affiliates who participated in the sale, thus dramatically improving your affiliate program.

Performance rewards

Higher selling affiliates can earn higher commissions with the Performance Rewards feature.

Commission groups

Commission groups allow you to set different commissions for different users for the same campaign.

Multi level marketing (Multi Tiers Commissions)

Attract your affiliates with multi level marketing and motivate them not just refer sales to you, but also search for new affiliates. TrackGecko supports an unlimited number of tiers.

Promotion materials

Next to some standard banner types such as Image, Link, HTML or Flash banners, TrackGecko also offers some unique banner types, which you will not find in other affiliate softwares. Your campaigns can become more effective with new types of banners, including rebranded PDF files (viral PDF files) or replicated sites.

Text link banners

Some of your affiliates may be willing to promote your products only by simple text links. This type of promotion material allows you to create simple text link banners and distribute them to your affiliates.

Image Banners

An image banner is basic promotion material, but is still one of the most effective ways of promotion with your affiliate program.

HTML Banners

HTML banners allow you to fully customize the look of your banners. You can define forms, tables and graphs as well as creating one banner using multiple images.

Discount coupons

Give your visitors the option to buy your products cheaper! Coupon banners can be used in your store (for offline marketing) as well as in your online shop.

Site replication

Site replication is a feature that allows you to create replicated sites for your affiliates. This means that you create one site using variables like {$firstname}, {$lastname}, and PAP will create personalized pages for each of your affiliates.

Peel Banners

Page Peel Banners are an effective way to offer special promotions to your customers.

Lightbox banners

A Lightbox Banner is a simple image banner which is presented to visitors in an “offensive” manner.

Banner rotator

A special banner that can randomly rotate other banners, with probability defined for each sub banner.

Simple PDF Banner

Simple PDF banners will convert text written in a WYSIWYG editor, directly to a PDF document. It has never been easier to create customized PDF document for all your affiliates.

ZIP banners

Zip Banners are special content which can deliver a merchant to his affiliates. Contents of zipped files can be customized for each affiliate.

Flash Banners

A Flash banner is animation linked to an advertised web address (destination URL). Flash banners are rich media types, which alows you to promote your products in an attractive way.

Rebrand PDF (Viral PDf)

Rebrand PDF is an advanced tool (feature) for TrackGecko. It allows you to create a special type of promo materials - rebrandable e-books. You can create your PDF e-book only once and upload it to TrackGecko.

User interface

TrackGecko has a unique and revolutionary user interface. In this section, we will try to list the most important features of the user interface implemented in TrackGecko.


The first thing that you’ll notice in the new version is its revolutionary, new user interface. Our Blue Aero theme looks and behaves like a desktop application, with support for a start button & menu, a sidebar, gadgets and quick launch. TrackGecko allows you to choose among several predesigned themes concerning the merchant and affiliate panel, or you can create a custom theme based on your corporate design.

Mass payments

It has never been easier or faster to pay all of your affiliates at one time.

Multiple merchants/Affiliate program administrators

Manage your affiliates with multiple merchant user accounts in the same affiliate program

Customizable affiliate interface

An easily customizable signup form and affiliate panel allows you to tailor the application to compliment the look and feel of your corporate website design

Web 2.0 (Ajax) based client-server architecture

TrackGecko is truly a Web 2.0 web application. It is based on new, modern framework known as GwtPHP, which covers communication between the client (javascript running in browser) and server (php application)

Multilingual support

TrackGecko is a truly multilingual application. Currently it is translated into 16 languages, with new languages added every month. Your affiliates will be able to use the application in their native language, while easily understanding the available options and features.


TrackGecko offers multiple comprehensive reports, giving you the power to effectively track the performance of your affiliate program. You can compare the side-by-side performance of affiliates, banner or campaigns, and much more. Below you can review several types of reports implemented in TrackGecko.

Quick report

Quick Report is a snapshot of your affiliate program’s performance. It is a summary containing the most important parameters in your affiliate program.

Trends report

This report displays trends of your transactions in a chart as well as in data fields. You will have a clear understanding of where your affiliate program is going.

Map overlay report

This report will show you the countries in which your affiliate program is performing well, and will pinpoint the countries where your affiliate marketing strategies should be improved.

Campaign, banner, affiliate report

TrackGecko offers strong reporting capabilities about all important entities of affiliate program: Campaign, Banner and Affiliate

TOP URLS report

Identifying the best traffic sources in your affiliate program will help you to optimize the marketing results on your sales page.

Top affiliates report

Compare performance of your affiliates. Search for your Super Affiliates.

Online users report

Track the users logged into your system, in real-time. With the GeoIp and Google Maps plugins you can even locate the position of logged user on the map.

Tracking Methods
Types of commission
Promotion materials
User interface

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