Funkcje TrackGecko

TrackGecko zawiera setki funcji umożliwiających konfigurację Twojego Programu Partnerskiego zgodnie z indywidualnymi potrzebami.

Map overlay report

Map Overlay Report aggregates statistic data by country and helps you identify the countries in which your affiliate program is running well and in which countries you need to try other affiliate marketing strategies.

Report is part of the TrackGecko GeoIP feature that determines a visitors’ country. This feature allows filtering transactions by country, and the ability to setup fraud protection depending on the visitor’s country.

In Report, you can see multiple map overlays monitoring different parameters of your affiliate program. You can see the total amount of revenue generated from different countries, including commissions by countries, sales count by countries, raw impressions, or raw clicks by countries. Same statistical data that you can see is found in the sortable table under the world map.

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