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TrackGecko zawiera setki funcji umożliwiających konfigurację Twojego Programu Partnerskiego zgodnie z indywidualnymi potrzebami.

Coupons (offline marketing)

Coupons is a feature of TrackGecko, which can be used for offline or online marketing. It is available for customers in versions 4.2.x!



In your shop you can create special promotional pricing for website visitors, with coupons. Additionally, you can pay your affiliates for doing a good job if they give your coupons to their visitors. Coupons are an effective way to offer better price and motivate your affiliates to distribute more coupons..

Coupons are one type of banner, allowing you the ability to create an unlimited number of coupon groups (promotions/banners) in one campaign. We don’t apply any limits on the number of coupons or coupon banners in any of the campaigns defined in your affiliate program.

For example, you have a 10% discount promotion, and a 30% discount promotion. In both promotions you can generate a separate set of coupons, and your affiliates will be able to request coupons for both promotions.

After a customer uses a coupon that was received by an affiliate, you will know which promotion that coupon is for, which affiliate gave the coupon to your customer, and which campaign it was defined in. You will have accurate information regarding the time of sale about coupons, and the correct amount of commissions will be paid to your affiliate.



Coupons can be generated directly in TrackGecko or you can import them from your shop software easily. When you generate Coupons in TrackGecko, you can define custom coupon format. Coupons can be later exported from TrackGecko and imported into your shop software or any payment processor.



Your affiliates can request coupons for each campaign or banner, and print them on printers, directly from TrackGecko. Merchants can easily define each campaign and the HTML design of the coupon, which can be used for printing attractive tickets for customers. You can insert designs into the coupons, including bar code images, which can be later read by bar code readers. Bar code images are automatically generated by TrackGecko, and each bar code matches with the coupon id. Your coupon tickets printed by the affiliate will look professional with a bar code. With Bar code readers you can automate the input of coupon codes to your affiliate system.

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